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Very effective primary antioxidants for polymers based on steric hindered phenols for protection against thermal oxidation. Also available in blends with organic phosphites.


Different primary phenolic antioxidants for polymers based on steric hindered phenols and/or solid organic phosphites to protect polymers against thermo-oxidative degration.

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WTH-Chemnox AN-168_PDB_EN.pdf  WTH-Chemnox B-Serie Overview_PDB_EN.pdf WTH-Chemnox MD-1024_PDB_EN.pdf
WTH-Chemnox AN-245_PDB_EN.pdf  WTH-Chemnox B-215_PDB_EN.pdf WTH-Chemnox MD-697_PDB_EN.pdf
WTH-Chemnox AN-626_PDB_EN.pdf  WTH-Chemnox B-220_PDB_EN.pdf  
WTH-Chemnox AN-688_PDB_EN.pdf  WTH-Chemnox B-225_PDB_EN.pdf  
WTH-Chemnox AN-1010_PDB_EN.pdf  WTH-Chemnox B-311_PDB_EN.pdf  
WTH-Chemnox AN-1035_PDB_EN.pdf  WTH-Chemnox B-1171_PDB_EN.pdf  
WTH-Chemnox AN-1076_PDB_EN.pdf    
WTH-Chemnox AN-1098_PDB_EN.pdf    
WTH-Chemnox AN-1330_PDB_EN.pdf    
WTH-Chemnox PS-800_PDB_EN.pdf    
WTH-Chemnox PS-802_PDB_EN.pdf    
WTH-Chemnox PS-DTBHQ_PDB_EN.pdf    
WTH-Chemnox PEP-9_PDB_EN.pdf    
WTH-Chemnox AN-CPL_PDB_EN.pdf    


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