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WTH GmbH in Stade is 25 years old

It all began in the nursery

(mud) – When Walter Thieme (61) founded his company 25 years ago in the children's room of his older son Lutz, he certainly did not know that his younger son Gero would now work successfully at his side. In the meantime, the one-man company founded on February 24, 1992, has become a successful company with 14 employees, which also has a subsidiary in Poland, including native-speaker support. Since then, it has gone uphill year after year; The prospects for the future are also positive. Today, Stader's oversea's trading company for chemical raw materials serves several hundred companies as customers. A lot more prospective customers provide it with information and samples.

Before Walter Thieme came to business with the WTH GmbH in Stade, he had already accumulated profound experience in the industry as a specialist buyer and lastly as a department manager. The logical possibility for the company to establish itself then emerged.

Thieme cleverly took advantage of the fact that some foreign producers of raw materials did not have their own sales structures in Germany, or that they did not have their own sales in certain markets. From then on, WTH supplied raw materials to plastic processors and the German rubber industry. Soon the big names of the industry also belonged to Thiemes customers. At the time, the communication was slowed down, the company boss recalled: "Everything went by telephone and fax or telex - e-mails were not to be thought of at first."

But the business developed. Soon the one-man office became an import company in the Hanseatic tradition, which earned itself a good reputation in the industry. For a company that supplied chemical raw materials from all over the world to customers in Germany and Europe, the 10 square meter small "children's office" in Ovelgönner Weg in Stade quickly became too small. Three times, WTH moved within Stades until the company moved to its current location in 2013 at Beguinenstraße 13.

The product range now ranges from fire protection to plasticizers, to fine chemicals and specialties. WTH purchases its goods from manufacturers in Asia and Europe, which regularly tours Walter Thieme. In doing so, great importance is attached to continuity in terms of product quality as well as sustainability. By the way, the company also acts as an intercultural "shock absorber" by allowing all employees to compensate for the various cultural areas and thus to provide an advantageous interaction for all parties involved.

Since a inception, the business model is the goal of establishing a long-term drive collaboration: Both with suppliers and customers, similar to a "partnership without marriage".

In the meantime, he has initiated a further development step: the brands WTH and Addforce. For example, there are now fire protection products as Addforce products, such as the Addforce FR aluminum hydroxide or the WTH brightener. Branding is quality assurance Thieme says.

In the summer of 1999, entrepreneurs Thieme recognized the fact that both public relations work and professional information flow could no longer be met by telephone and fax. At the beginning he still offered a favorable "complete solution" and support of local internet specialists to the World Wide Web And the specific needs of both the company and the service offer and further information could be presented directly and precisely to interested visitors. Today, the Internet and IT have long played a central role. Among other things, Gero Thieme is now active in this field, who has successfully brought the entire user IT structures of the company to a future course.

WTH has never questioned Stade as a business location because the location between the important seaports of Hamburg and Bremerhaven is a real gain. Always in the right place, is important for Thieme. That is why he maintains warehouses in Bremervörde, Bremerhaven and Amsterdam.

The Poznan office in Poznan is centrally located in Poland in an important economic region and allows the necessary proximity to the local customers in order to win the Polish market. In order to achieve sustainable results, the Stader company employs three Polish native speakers and operates the company's website in Polish.

However, Walter Thieme always focuses on his entrepreneurial activities: in order to secure the know-how, Thieme has always placed great emphasis on the employment of well-known experts, for example with a focus on chemistry.

Self improvement and further education is important for the managing director. Thieme himself, for example, made a degree as a "business coach" at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. "Continuous learning is part of our corporate culture," says Thieme. Many of his employees have completed specialist seminars, leadership training courses or other courses. In doing so, not only is information exchanged, but also existing contacts are deepened and new ones are made.

Vocational training is also on the agenda, says Thieme: "Since 2008, we have had seven apprentices who have been successfully trained in wholesale and foreign trade - and in the summer of 2017 a new apprentice will join the comapany."