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Considerations at the turn of the year

Gallop through time

The "man for a few hours" accompanies us everywhere in the last month of the year. Even if no one, except the very small ones, believes in him more, who does not like to be enchanted by Santa Claus? Photo: Dreyling

(mud) – Where has the year gone? Was not just make a summer? - In addition to many other trade fairs, the renowned international plastics trade fair "K" in Düsseldorf in 2019 was one of the absolute highlights of the year for WTH GmbH employees. - Now it seems as if this event is already "forever" way back. Yet this important trade fair was not until October.

In fact, we seem to be galloping through the days, weeks and months of a year at breathtaking speed - and – hey presto - is back at Christmas and New Year's Eve just after. Maybe that's just a fallacy, but it actually feels like the calendars will be available for next year shortly after the summer vacation. Or?

For the younger the year does not seem quite vorbeizurauschen so fast. Older people often complain that things are so breathless. Maybe that's because they deliberately bid farewell to a piece of life each year. Naturally, the boys have something more "air up".

But at the end of the year there is always a certain magic in it: not only that in northern Germany a certain man has the say for a certain time: Santa Claus. His "counterpart" in the south: the Christ child. And it's not just the new expectations that come to mind at the turn of the year. - In fact, we enjoy the contemplative advent season, the festivity of Christmas, and finally the "happy new year" with more or less cheerfulness.

So much sparkling lights determine the twelfth month of the year. And when the last New Year's Eve rocket burns up in the sky, it's January - and everything starts all over again. Before we know it, we are already stuck in the saddle: the gallop through the new year begins.