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06 Nov

Successor good at the subject

Walter Thieme can look to the future with confidence. The successor to the boss has been clarified at WTH: Gero Thieme will take over as soon as the senior boss retires. Photo: Dreyling

(mud) - Changing the executive chair is often not easy. WTH managing director Walter Thieme does not have the problem that other previous owners have: he already has his future successor with his son. He is competent and has already been fully integrated into the operational management.

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05 Nov

We love crises. Especially linguistically. We can let off steam verbally to our hearts content. They're not just common garden crises. No! They have to be at least “heavy”. “Shocking” also has that cer-tain something. But the crisis is even better: “like never before”. Like the current Corona times: rec-ord values and new infections - sometimes the Chancellor even warns of “disaster” and experts fear “loss of control”. So: "Wedding" for all media excitement.

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