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10 Jul

Meet Interlocutors on the Screen

One of the most eco-friendly way to travel: cycling with or without electricity. - Not only privately, environmentally aware travel is a requirement of the time. Walter Thieme is convinced that climate-friendly business travel is also possible. Photo: Dreyling 

(mud) – "The best business trip is the one that does not even have to take place," says Walter Thieme. What seems at first sound absurd, has a kernel of truth. In fact, with modern operations management - as in the case of WTH GmbH - it is possible to reduce the number of personal meetings over long distances. However, the Stader entrepreneur goes one step further: "Private travel behavior can also be made more climate-friendly without deprivation. In both cases we make a good contribution to environmental protection. "

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09 Jul

When two harbor a same thought, that's still far from the same thing: The environmental demonstrations under the global slogan "Fridays for Future" in line with Greta Thunberg from Sweden a lot of attention have achieved. Nobody can pass it by. And this despite the fact that the idea of generation responsibility for environmental protection has been formulated more frequently. However, it had previously but never been a comparable response.

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