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02 May

"It works just fine with us ..."

(mud) – Teamwork requires a good dose of empathy: If you can not really empathize with or get used to your colleagues in everyday life, it will be hard to become a true team worker. For WTH managing director Walter Thieme there are certain characteristics, whether someone can "think in the team". "Attitude" is one of them: "For me, a team player is characterized by the fact that he does not let himself be stopped from completing a common task, even if it's time for work in the background."

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01 May

The society has changed permanently. With increased prosperity, time and environmental awareness at the same time allows the acceptance of social ideas. "People's parties" now seem to have had their day in favor of "clientele or theme parties". These occupy a central topic and from their point of view less essential facts - but rather half-hearted. Like we see in working life, where specialists seem to be more in demand than, rounders with the view of the whole '.

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