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07 Oct

WTH for the 10th time on the 'K' in Düsseldorf

(mud) – The most constant in business life is always the change: No matter who took the initiative, with us at the beginning of every business relationship is almost always the conversation. For such initiation, fairs are best suited. Due to the nature of our products, these are not (yet) marketed in a webshop. But what is not, can still become; artificial intelligence (AI) and its limitless possibilities make this possible in the future.

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06 Oct

Who did not want "eternal life"? - There are people who want to come close by freezing themselves after their death in the hope that their body will be revived later. A scientific form of reincarnation that is known to be part of many religions, but interpreted in a completely different way. However, the question remains open as to how the frozen people want to live and survive with their knowledge and experiences from the 20th and 21st century in the 'new time'.

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