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25 Jun

„After the summer doldrums are some more ...…“

Walter and Gero Thieme (with mouth-nose protective mask) expect a pronounced business flair through this summer. In the fourth quarter of 2020, they hope to start business again. Photo Dreyling

(mud) –  Less daily work. Great calm in the company. Short-time working registered for the first time. But to no one thinks layoffs. Quite the contrary. - WTH managing director Walter Thieme remains calm: “The Covid-19 pandemic does not leave us without a trace. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. "

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24 Jun

At the moment we are all taking a distance - with and without a mask. Does that really correspond to our nature? How long will we be able to do without direct social contacts? One thing is certain: the obligation to wear a mask remains in corona times in public spaces until medication and vaccines are available. However, it should be allowed to think about the type and scope either way. Incidentally, we are also increasingly seeing “ownerless” masks lying on streets, paths and squares where otherwise only empty “to-go cups” or fast food packaging could be found.

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