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16 Mar

Customer visits via screen

(mud) – Environmental protection has always been on the agenda at WTH GmbH in Stade. However, the speed of implementation of the corresponding goals has increased. Not so long ago, it was considered groundbreaking if companies only printed emails when it was really urgent. In the meantime, WTH boss Walter Thieme has even taken a long look at the company's own fleet. His future goal: alternative drives instead of fuels.

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15 Mar

People everywhere rub their eyes in amazement: empty shelves in supermarkets! In Germany there is hammering. And this has only just begun at a time, just as the novel coronavirus from China to skip the borders of Germany. But not only penny pinchers or price-conscious people are on the go. John Doe also hoard kilos and cans of pasta, canned soups and toilet paper.

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