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15 Feb

"Thank you Mr. McLean"


(mud) – When Walter Thieme occasionally carries out his dog at Grünendeich on the dike, he sometimes has to think of Malcolm McLean with a view of the Elbe. The gentlemen never met. But McLean's idea benefits companies around the globe. Also in Stade based WTH GmbH. Without the containers that the US entrepreneur invented, WTH managing director Thieme would not be able to supply his customers as promptly and, above all, as comprehensively as is now part of his business principle.

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14 Feb

(mud) - "Hardly to be recognized as water!" In 1863, a witness to the condition of the water of the river Wupper complained. Several dyestuffs had settled on the river bank and contributed to the deplorable water condition. In 1872 the sewage of a chemical company located on the Rhine was also investigated as a result of negligence. "Considerable amounts of sulfuric acid, chloric potassium, chlorate sodium and several blue dyestuffs" were found. - Today the Wupper river as well as the Rhine river are clean again. And the fish caught in these rivers can be eaten without worry.

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