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12 Dec

Course Stands Firmly on Future

(mud) - The WTH-GmbH in Stade has experienced a lot in its 25 years of history: It has gained customers and experience, sought out distribution channels and sales channels, and opened up for itself. She has also tracked down partners around the world and gained valuable employees for the operation. Nevertheless, one of the biggest challenges was the entry into electronic data processing. Company founder Walter Thieme: "In 2015, we made the all-important step forward."

When on February 24, 1992, his company started with a telephone, fax machine, typewriter and mail letter, he probably would not have guessed what he would do two decades later, everything via screen, tablet and smartphone almost by pressing a button. Today modern information technologies, in short "IT", are the pulse in the economy.

"In the early years, the company still enough to correct an error often an eraser or 'TippEx'" smiles Thieme, "Today you have occasionally been explaining what is both." But soon he is serious again: "In fact, the consequences of a number rotator or a can Typing mistakes can have devastating consequences. "- A wrong customer information that has been typed in by mistake can go undetected for years and cause big problems in the transaction.

But of course, the company's IT transformation has mostly positive effects. Without them, it would be hard to imagine that Thieme and his team from Stade could operate around the world. - One who knows exactly what they are talking about is Gero Thieme. He not only introduced "SAP Business One" until January 1, 2015, but with a high level of commitment within one year, he also aligned the company so that it continues on its successful course.

The first thing customers could find the time, the WTH was henceforth sent documents in the language of the customer, in addition to German stands since then English and Polish as evidence language.

What was particularly important to Gero Thieme was the speeding up of the processes: "We have made our processes significantly faster by entering data only once in the system and then in various documents such as our certificate of analysis (product test certificate), delivery note, transport order To be able to implement an exemption order ".

Since then, all marketing receipts are computer-supported. This is optimal, says Thieme Junior, after all, the proper marking of the goods is completely ensured: "We can print our labels for shipments and sample shipments from the system. This ensures that our products are always labeled correctly and provided with the appropriate signal words, pictograms, safety instructions and hazard warnings. "

Gero Thieme Büro

SAP also accelerated accounting. Invoices will now be sent by e-mail. Thus environment is also being spared: through less CO2 emissions. In addition, water consumption would be insulated, ten liters would otherwise be incurred per sheet in paper production.

Gero Thieme: "It remains true that SAP has enormously improved and accelerated our processes. At the moment we are working on adding DMS (ELO) to our ERP merchandise management so that an automated process-related and legally compliant storage is created from within SAP. This allows us to focus on our core competencies (consulting and sales) and waste no more time in the archive searching for documents ".

Both Thieme's are convinced that SAP has taken their company a big step forward. This not only has a tangible, in-house benefit, but also one for the customers. The biggest advantage of this software, however, is: "It can be changed at will and we can use it to adapt to potential market requirements in the blink of an eye".

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11 Dec

(mud) - After the autumn storms this year I had my "experience of the year" in Berlin on the main station there: It was already bad enough that the train cancellations and the associated information deficits kept the travellers on their toes. After many trials of patience, there was the realization that profit-making can simply upset morality.

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