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02 Jun

"Players score goals ..."

Metaphors can describe business processes well

(Mud) - Business success can be illustrated not only with hard numbers and convincing facts. Often it is understandable linguistic images, the paths and goals in the business world can illustrate even more impressive and convincing. When Walter Thieme employees business relationships would be explained, then he likes to use this popular comparisons - for example, those from the current soccer events.

In fact, a company can be particularly well compared with a football team: "The goals are shoot by the players," Walter Thieme likes to say, "but winning does always the whole team!" A more precise description for the business success will probably not exist.

Because in the end always counts only the overall result and not yet so phenomenal individual performance that has not given in the place of one or the other player. Nevertheless, the individual performance is always an important indicator of the overall success.

Another, from WTH-boss Thieme like sailing picture is this that even a clever man has formulated: "When the wind of change blows, some start building walls, others are to build windmills on." This statement is for the businessman from Stade a guiding principle that an entrepreneur not only firstly keep themselves in troubled times a clear head, but secondly also retain his goals firmly in mind needs.

Against this conceptual background is sure to evaluate one of its recent decisions. Walter Thieme has held to launch a transfer independent "Team WTH Future" into life.

This think tank working four masterminds who should find out in regular meetings with the participation of the entire workforce, whereas the journey for the company to go in the next few years.

The team will leverage as part of its work train to train the entire knowledge of the company, to make it available for all. Walter Thieme is already certain that the future team will find ways and objectives, which may be useful strategies in future.

As for strategies, as Thieme holds it with the famous boxer, Mike Tyson, who once said: "strategy applies as long as you get the first hit." - Another reason why Thieme has used the future team.