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22 Jul

"No rating ..."

Difference between Polish and German Job References

(Mud) - Other countries, other customs. This saying remembers Walter Thieme, when he thinks of recruitment and employment of native speaking people from Poland. Because some things are different, some perhaps easier. However sometimes needs a German employer help to implement Polish law in a most accurate way.

While Walter‘s company is doing business abroad, it must adapt to the situation in the country. This applies not only to trade and its conditions. This is also true when it comes to the employment of employees who come from the country.

Walter employs three Polish employees. That this may represent new challanges he realiszed at that point, when one of them had the desire to change job and cancelled the contract.

A leaving employee has – disregarding whether German or Polish - an entirely self-evident entitled to a job reference. But the difference is in the details: The German employees may require a qualified, thus their performance evaluative testimony. But at least a simple job reference. This includes only the identity and details of the nature and length of employment.

A job reference under Polish law is quite different from one in Germany. Walter: "This is a very formal document whose content is strictly prescribed - and it must not include any rating."

Walter had to learn that this document according to Polish rules must not contain any other details as these: duration of employment, position, work absence by type and length, used and residual holidays, nature and reasons of the termination of the employment relationship as well as information about possible salary garnishments.

"Now if I want to hire an employee from Poland, I can not refer to the testimony of his achievements," says the German entrepreneurs and explains what remains then: "So I have to rely on the interview and possibly investigations." In Poland, it is namely quite common to call the previous employer in order to talk to him about the candidate.

Although such demands at former boss can bring certain problems, how does look like in Germany? Walter: "I wonder if I am better informed by an always formulated with benevolence testimony of a German candidate? I am not sure. The best you rely surely on their own impressions i.e. by personal interview."

One tip for safety with Polish labor certificates has Walter for those who need to issue such a document: "Ask for help of the foreign trade chamber of commerce. Their specialists know all the conditions and pitfalls - then you chould be on the safe side ".