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08 Aug

A filler that is preferred at many levels:

Barium sulfate also used in brake linings

Except in the building technology as well as in the paint and coatings industry barium sulfate is also used in automotive industry - for use in brake and clutch linings, which may contain up to 40 percent barium sulfate according to the application.


Filler not always must be a cheap option in formulations, if used correctly filler even mutate into a specialist which only allows the finished product the desired properties, proves very quickly. A versatile and therefore very much used filler is barium sulfate.

This is a naturally occurring mineral which mined on its deposits, classified and is mechanically milled to appropriate particle sizes.

Depending on the quality of the deposit and amount of natural contaminants such material barium sulphates in different purity and white levels are available. WTH supplies under the trade name "Baser BB" natural barium sulphate with specified degrees of whiteness, densities and grain sizes.

Baser BB is an inert, practically insoluble filler with high density. Using this filler, the workability is improved. It is among others in plastic sewer pipes (airborne sound insulation) in building and heavy sheets/mats used on plastic or rubber base in the automotive industry.

In the paint industry and also in putties the filler barium sulfate is used extensively to increase in volume and to improve processability. The chemical inertness and high temperature resistance qualifies natural barium sulfate for use in brake and clutch linings which may contain up to 40 percent barium sulfate, depending on the application.