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20 Sep

A filler, which always "cuts a fine"

"Soapstone" Strengthen Housings

Filler are real multi-talents. Here is from one the speech which can act by strengthening in housings, in paints and coatings it is crackbridging. Talc, now and then known as "soapstone", is also used in flexible enduses. This filler always cuts a fine figure.

Talc is a very versatile inorganic filler, a ground layered silicate (magnesium silicate hydrate) and the particles maintain after careful grinding a high aspect ratio. That is why talc has enhancing properties and therefor it is widely used in polypropylene (for example, housing parts). In color, the lamellar particles acting overcracking along with sealing, waterproofing capabilities.

Finely divided talc act as nucleating agents and talcs having a narrow particle size distribution are processed as anti-blocking agent in plastics films. Bright white talcs are also suitable as an inexpensive extender for white pigments and are used to increase the opacity, for example in papermaking. Talc, sometimes referred to as soapstone, is used in rubber and cable applications as the external release agent.

For completeness is finally to be mentioned calcium carbonate too. It is the filler mostly used. Calcium carbonates are processed as natural ground products (GCC) in different purities (brightnesses) and particle sizes.

Synthetically produced calcium carbonates (PCC) are very finely divided in the primary particles and are often used to improve the mechanical properties in combination with other filler.

PCC are also known as effective as acid scavengers during the inevitable degradation reaction and elimination of HCl-formation while processing PVC. The resulting uniformly due to the synthetic origin and high whiteness is greatly appreciated, for example, in paints and varnishes.

Conclusion: A closer look at filler shows that these products are not always simply cut costs of formulations, but can mutate becoming a specialists who only allows the finished product getting the desired properties when wise used.