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07 Oct

Filler are very useful for fire protection

Because of its flame-retardant „side“ popular

A chemically produced filler based on bauxite is aluminum hydroxide (ATH).

If a flame retardant is required for UV-curing coating systems, aluminum hydroxide as a filler comes into contact very quickly. This unproblematic raw material is popular among professionals.

A chemically produced filler based on bauxite is aluminum hydroxide (ATH). In a process which is as complex as it is lengthy, aluminum is released out of the bauxite in the so-called Bayer process with sodium hydroxide solution. The remaining red mud is currently a waste product and is elaborately cleaned from toxic residues and caustics and subsequently deposited. Under the trade name Addforce FR S, WTH also supplies surface-modified aluminum hydroxides.

Due to the coating particles can be dispersed rapidly and uniformly into a polymer matrix. Addforce FR S also facilitates the production of highly filled compounds and gives very good rheological properties during further processing. In addition, the raw material itself is characterized by a significantly improved, low-dust flow behavior compared to uncoated powder materials.

Aluminum hydroxide is available in different particle sizes (mean particle sizes of approx. 2 up to 20 microns). ATH is non-toxic and very compatible with practically all polymers that are processed up to approx. 200 ° C. Above this temperature, Addforce FR S begins to release chemically bound water and shows its flame-retardant side.

Thus, after complete thermal decomposition, only harmless aluminium oxide remains, which makes ATH being one of the rather unproblematic and very popular halogen-free flame retardant. Since ATH absorbs only little UV radiation, it is also used, for example, as a filler in UV-curing coating systems.

Conclusion: A closer look at filler shows that these products are not always simply cut costs of formulations, but can mutate becoming a specialists who only allows the finished product getting the desired properties when wise used.