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29 May

At WTH GmbH, digitization is part of everyday life

Those who do not move with the times ...

(mud) - Digitization is nothing new for the employees of WTH GmbH. Rather, it is everyday life for them. Managing Director Walter Thieme: "Digitization has been taking place regularly since our company was founded in 1992". For almost twenty years, the company optimized for example its website continuously. And from day one, the company working diligently to attempts each modern information technology (IT) to be adjusted. Nowhere does the pun "who does not keep up with the times, move with time" apply more than in this area.

Facing the constant expansion of the Internet Thieme says: "We are constantly striving to provide the products Faces' by can be selected from the basic information on the homepage of the responsible employee in the company for more detailed information about directly. - With the blog we give insights into the 'inner life' of the company, products and activities.

Completely new is a special product home page (, it focuses on a very special additive from the WTH-product portfolio that will specifically target certain industries. 

While the Internet primarily serves to inform the outside world, the CEO places great value on digitization within. "We attach great importance to state-of-the-art software and hardware throughout the entire company. The workforce should always be offered an attractive working environment. One of our findings is that modern software always requires up-to-date hardware. So we are currently investing heavily in the modernization of our hardware in order to meet the increased requirements and to be able to use their advantages ".

IT should not replace humans, but make the (work) life easier and ensure that routine processes are networked accordingly. At the same time, it should also be archived in a revision-proof manner, if required. Thieme: "The system is intended to be intelligent 'that information (like batch number) is required at several points distributed automated or processed without any human hand must be active."

This requires a corresponding discipline of the actors in the input of data and on the other hand appropriately implemented systemic plausibility checks. The computer only knows 'yes' or 'no' - a 'maybe' does not exist in IT. So the systemic processes have to speak an IT-understandable 'language' to make sense of it for internal purposes.

At the press of a button, the system provides current data in a condensed form and focuses on the wishes of the requester (employee), so that a subject matter can be specifically 'processed'. This system has noticeably accelerated the work and freed up time for employees, to create more time-consuming activities (for example, market research), but also to create more freedom for improved contacts with the business partners. Our credo: "Do not distribute the work over the working time, but better use the working time for creative work without risking overtime ..."

The processes of purchasing and sales management were completely digitized. Special care was taken while choosing obtaining a ERP-software in 2014 that it is a powerful modular system that can be adjusted to changing demands, but can also be networked with certain business partners.

In addition to the modernization of hardware and operating software, the introduction of a digital audit-proof Document-Management-System (DMS) is currently being promoted to further increase efficiency and make the time-consuming search for documents a history. It is also important to develop an optimal compromise between fully automated document and information distribution systems and individual digital filing. Even if no paperless WTH office is currently available, this remains our goal for the future.

Digitalization increasingly supports the processes of our quality management (QM) and environmental management (UM). Our QM and UM have recently been successfully certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 and DIN EN ISO UM 14001: 2015. The QM certificate has been in existence since 1998, and UM certification was first introduced in 2018 to address the growing environmental impact of business.