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10 Jul

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(mud) –It all started with a thematically colorful magazine on the internet. Meanwhile, it has become a professional blog for those interested business partners and customers. Speaking WTH manager Walter Thieme reported that now information from the German company are also in English, German and Polish. Sometimes visitors come by "to get to know the company behind the blog".

Question: Mr. Thieme in the previous year (2017) you have consistently made the rather entertaining WTH magazine a contemporary "blog" with mainly technical information, what were your reasons?

Walter Thieme: In our blog, we also want to pick up on WTH topics that are often in the daily business for lack of time too short, but their knowledge for a partnership-based business relationship are all helpful. In addition, we have created a platform for informing our business partners about our products, services and ourselves. On the one hand, this promises us better customer loyalty and, on the other hand, many a blog post has already been the occasion for in-depth contacts with our specialists.

Question: Increasingly, you are now also focusing on internationality, which has had a linguistic effect on the blog.

Walter Thieme: At first our 'WTH-Magazin' appeared exclusively in German in the internet. Since then we have significantly expanded our sales area and also had to adapt our structures to this development. With the conversion of the WTH magazine into the WTH blog, we present important blog posts in English and Polish. In particular, we want to strengthen our presence in Poland and the non-German-speaking world. After all, English is often our daily business language. Thus we have significantly broadened the readership.

Question: With the reorientation, the blog has become more of an instrument with which you want to reach targeted content customers and business friends?

Walter Thieme: Naturally. Our blog is now more tailored our 'audience. It is not our claim here to give comprehensive scientific-technical elaborations or instructions. We have decided for our own "popular scientific sound". We want to reach technicians and business people alike. The contributions are available 'on demand' and thus also provide a starting point for direct discussions with us about products and service portfolios determined by the interested party itself. Sometimes that goes so far that we are specifically visited at fairs that want to get to know the company, behind the blog 'in person.

Question: The first year of the new blog, you have in many contributions focused on the now more than 25 years of company history - was that well received?

Walter Thieme: As you know, 25 years is considred being a first ,proper' anniversary in Germany. These reports were often clicked on and probably read. Without knowing it exactly, I suspect that the large number of hits also suggests a broad readership. I was very pleasantly surprised that it was precisely these "anniversary contributions" that met with enormous interest. Maybe history is more exciting than you think.

Question: The blog makes it possible to visit interested parties, customers and business friends with the mouse WTH - in the future, can it also learn even more news from the WTH world?

Walter Thieme: I find that our blog is clear and well structured. We want to try to reflect even more on our WTH world in the future with short contributions. There will increasingly Report in future also our employees according to their say. In the main contributions it remains with the direct WTH contents. In the editorial, I cover aware of a much broader spectrum, and formulate a few thoughts, but always with WTH-respect, even if you occasionally much to think 'outside the box' needs.

Question: Today's blog is up to date, but you will adjust it further?

Walter Thieme: Of course, the phrase formulated in our contribution to digitization, "Those who do not move with the times ..." naturally also applies to WTH. On the other hand, we want to develop our own style. Based on the speech of the French socialist Jean Jaurés in 1910, the preservation of the ashes is not a future but the passing of the embers. Just as the container changed the global trade and the transport system sustainably (see also blog post from 15/02/2018 "Thank you Mister McLean") follows each revolution the next. - Hopefully only without fire and weapons ...