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23 Aug

When colleagues go on vacation

Welcome back to work

(mud) – The view to the left on the workplace of the colleague goes nowhere. The table neighbour is on vacation. Now stand in services are required. The office day suddenly have new additional priorities. That hits everyone someday, because after all, those who are left behind also go on vacation. Presence at the place is then indispensable, says WTH employee Eleonore Nitschke: "Then there is hardly a chance to use the flextime to leave office before closing time ..."

Because the one who times representatively lifts in such moments the receiver, because colleague is abroad - somewhere where the lemon blossom - and feels good. "The daily business is actually still the most trouble-free and easy on," has WTH-CEO Walter Thieme found over the years. A prerequisite, however, is that the vacationer had prepared his absence well. For this purpose it belongs, for example, to inform key business partners. Thieme is convinced: "Good collegial and partnership-based cooperation in the company regulates everything with us."

For companies with a manageable large workforce, it is the same everywhere as for the WTH company. Eleonore Nitschke puts it in a nutshell: "I sometimes have to know everything about window profiles when talking to my colleague's client, even though I tend to be more concerned with adhesives."

It is certainly not easy to deal with the subject areas of the holidaymaking colleagues and then be a competent discussion partner during the customer discussion. But you can certainly prepare for that, says Thieme: "We generally have the principle that information is debt. The knower is therefore obliged to communicate his knowledge in the circle of colleagues. He also benefits from our versatile IT architecture."

In this way, the transfer of knowledge or know-how at WTH, strictly speaking, works year-round and, moreover, without ceasing. In the end, it benefits everyone, the person going on vacation or the one who has to provide a holiday replacement. Nevertheless, everyone is probably glad when the holiday colleagues are back at your desk. Walter Thieme: "Whichever way you look on challenges when an employee is absent, while the specialist is missing its corresponding knowledge and his contacts - it leaves almost inevitably a certain competence gap". Conclusion: vacationers - welcome back to work.