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30 Oct

WTH Calendar - An Idea is Twelve Years Old

„Umzu“ Comes to World…

(mud) – Carefully and with a searching glance Walter Thieme devotes devoutly the fourteen color sheets on the table in front of him. For the last part of the year, "Druckpartner Hemmoor" has been supplying these proofs of the WTH calendar "Hanseatic city of Stade and Umzu" for eleven years. The review of the colorful pages always prepared for the CEO a very great pleasure. - The "prints" are the last check before the print start.

The calendar is a real affair of the heart to Walter Thieme: Twelve years ago the idea was born. In 2006, the WTH managing director was looking for a way to promote his company without, however, wanting to promote classic.

Very quickly he realized what it should be: a calendar. In the foreground should be images that focus on the beauty of the city of Stade and its surroundings. Thieme has not deviated from this guiding principle to this day.

For the first copy he fell back on existing archival footage. But more and more he wanted to take the visual design itself in the hand. A small but very fine camera and the profound knowledge of Stade and its environs ("Stade switch") helped with the implementation. Thieme went all seasons on extended forays to capture the best views of the district Stade on his calendar with the camera.

The image archive of Walter Thieme grew rapidly, so that he soon decided to not only provide a great image for every month, adding a small photo to complete the layout. Meanwhile, the design of the motifs of the WTH calendar has reached a quality that easily reaches that of the commercial calendar editors, sometimes even outstripping them. Also adapted was a two-month calendar.

Because WTH-customers are located not only in Germany but also abroad, decided the WTH-chief to make the marking of the calendar in the languages German, English and Polish. The explanatory signatures of the photos were also translated.

The completely ad-free calendar is sent annually to WTH business partners throughout the world. Thus it does not just hang on the office walls in Germany and Europe, but also, for example, in Beijing and Shanghai.

What really pleases Walter Thieme as a passionate calendar photographer is, for example, visitors at international trade fairs, who address him directly on his calendar and assure that they have become real "fans" of "Umzu".