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22 Jan


Here, "all threads come together"

(mud/red) – WTH GmbH in Stade is a highly specialized distribution company. It requires clear structures to optimally organize internal processes. A smooth interaction of the various functions is an essential prerequisite for the company's success. On the one hand, our business partners benefit from the expertise of the employees and, on the other hand, from functioning processes. Company CEO Walter Thieme: "Essential business units are sales management and sales. We want to introduce the WTH sales administration here. "

In sales management "all threads come together". It is the central interface to prospective customers, customers, suppliers and logistics as well as service partners. Led by Gero Thieme, employees are personal and digital contact for all business partners.

'Administration' is defined very broadly at WTH: The core tasks of the administration are the comprehensive support of existing customers in day-to-day business as well as the first point of contact for suppliers in all technical and commercial matters. The entire materials management lies with the sales administration - as well as in sales, purchases and at all logistics.

"Of course, this includes price and condition negotiations with the corresponding business partners," says Walter Thieme. He attaches great importance to the fact that competence and responsibility are not separate. "WTH GmbH is a sales company", which is why every employee of Walter Thieme is, of course, a sales representative, regardless of his or her organizational position. In a nutshell: "Entrepreneurship" is fundamental to all employees of the company.

The fact that the system works is ensured by a modern IT architecture and the willingness of all employees to continue their professional and technical training. This is, for example, due to the systemic involvement of the 'administrative staff' not only in commercial matters, but also in the clarification of all chemical-technical and / or procedural issues related to the products of suppliers and customers in Germany and abroad.

The principle, training-on-the-job 'is accompanied by intensive and substantive in-house experience and information exchange as well as external training.

Because the business of WTH GmbH is international, intercultural competence is required. For Walter Thieme, it is in the nature of the business that the WTH employees often see themselves 'between the tree and the bark' when, for example, national peculiarities of the various nations and continents have to be compensated. Thieme: "You can hardly learn that. It only helps on the one hand experience, experience and again experience and on the other hand fundamental tolerance to other ways of thinking and attitudes ".

Since the company was founded in 1992, this organizational philosophy has been pursued and consistently developed. The biggest advantages for our business partners include: Short decision-making processes and the competence of the WTH contacts.