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19 Mar

WTH-Sales Experts:

Knowing products and understanding markets

(mud/red) – In the previous episode, we presented the first of two important work areas of WTH GmbH: the sales administration, which is headed by Gero Thieme. The second is sales and technical service where Dr. Silke Trzaska is responsible.

The essential activity of the WTH sales team is the understanding of the market, the specialization and intensive knowledge of the performance of our products. This, taken together enables efficient contact with potential new business partners. The "cold acquisition" is considered the "supreme discipline" in sales.

The core task of the sales staff is the acquisition of new business contacts as well as technical and commercial support of products with prospective customers and customers. This includes the technical advice as well as the placement of samples as well as the accompaniment of production trials.

The sales experts have a technical background, which makes them reliable contacts. At the same time, they are specially organised as industry manager. This ensures that, in addition to general market developments, it is also possible to react in an informed and timely manner to industry-specific changes.

CEO Walter Thieme: "This is also one of the key aspects in view of the qualitative cooperation with WTH suppliers in close cooperation with the WTH-sale management. An IT-supported reporting system and the CRM software ensure the required information flow. "

Great value is also given on the direct personal contacts of all employees in WTH sales with interested parties and customers. Correspondingly, travel activities - also together with representatives of the WTH suppliers - as well as the visit of trade fairs are among their core tasks.

WTH GmbH presents its products as an exhibitor at various exhibitions in Germany and abroad. Here, too, WTH sales is always present. Walter Thieme: "Our technical product information is also developed by the sales department and updated constantly."

Should there be any complaints, the relevant sales representative will be active. In coordination with all parties involved, it is then up to the salesmen to explore solutions based on partnership and, in close cooperation with the WTH sales administration and suppliers, to rule out repetitions of the reason for the complaint.

An exception to the industry orientation is - due to the structure - our distribution in Poland. There, the employees are responsible for the overall market, but also fully integrated into the WTH organization.

Walter Thieme summarizes: "Since the company was founded in 1992, our sales philosophy has been pursued and consistently further developed. The advantage for our business partners include very quick decision-making and objective-professional competence of the WTH-interlocutor ".