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02 May


"It works just fine with us ..."

(mud) – Teamwork requires a good dose of empathy: If you can not really empathize with or get used to your colleagues in everyday life, it will be hard to become a true team worker. For WTH managing director Walter Thieme there are certain characteristics, whether someone can "think in the team". "Attitude" is one of them: "For me, a team player is characterized by the fact that he does not let himself be stopped from completing a common task, even if it's time for work in the background."

But for Walter Thieme it is also clear that whoever wants to do successful teamwork must create trust and tailor operational processes to all employees. Incidentally, former or active team athletes are considered promising team players. You know about football, handball or rowing, that success only by the principle "one for all, all for one" safely adjust. Walter Thieme: "But now, not every candidate in the team sport is on the way or has been active."

Who say "teamwork" have always something Maritimes in the mind's eye: You sit in a boat. It does not depend on the individual, but on the community performance of all boat occupants. is quite clear: team players do not work alone. Also, at the beginning, they are not alone in thinking about what may come out in the end. It is always important to you, and what you can contribute to it. Walter Thieme: "Only if each of us knows what he can and wants to contribute to the community can people successfully master tasks as a team".

In fact, teamwork works like a machine in which even the tiniest cog tirelessly helps to start and hold big and small wheels, big and small joints, so that everything runs "smoothly". Walter Thieme is convinced: "But when people work in a team, they do not just work like a machine's wheels. Added to this is the trust in one another, specialist knowledge, experience, willingness to perform and the unalterable attitude of always wanting to lead a task to success.

Walter Thieme comes to this conclusion: "Over 'team work' can hold several weeks of seminars. But we have to apply it in practice. It is gratifying when everyone, in their daily work, feels that successes without the merger of one and the other only come about when they are based on a team-oriented community effort. - It works just fine with us ... "