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07 Oct

Making quality comprehensively

WTH for the 10th time on the 'K' in Düsseldorf

(mud) – The most constant in business life is always the change: No matter who took the initiative, with us at the beginning of every business relationship is almost always the conversation. For such initiation, fairs are best suited. Due to the nature of our products, these are not (yet) marketed in a webshop. But what is not, can still become; artificial intelligence (AI) and its limitless possibilities make this possible in the future.

Years ago, sales efforts with the goal of an equivalent exchange of one or more recipe components predominated - mostly for commercial reasons - with our business partners. In addition, our customers set about optimizing existing recipes for a variety of reasons. Today existing recipes are becoming less touched 'because commodity exchange can not be excluded due to unknown or suspected interactions with other components of the formulation.

While initially the price was often the decisive factor for a product, the requirements gradually changed more in the direction of "qualitative aspects". It is important now that the raw materials are always delivered in consistent quality. Incidentally, this change is also reflected in the repeatedly revised standard for quality management (DIN EN ISO 9000). Initially, the focus was solely on quality control, but more and more the quality-determining processes and their control and monitoring came to the fore. The result was that quality is not tested alone, but is produced right from the start in reliable high quality. 

Of course, quality management (QM) does not guarantee that mistakes can no longer happen. But a functioning QM can guarantee that an error is not repeated. This can be achieved both through training and adaptation of the processes. A functioning QM system must be organized accordingly dynamically. For example, WTH has systematically installed a system of continuous improvement of internal WTH processes (KVP). 

In our opinion, a functioning quality and environmental management as well as professional competence are the essential requirements for trustworthy business in our industry. Only if these three aspects are fulfilled, it is possible to get involved in a very early phase of product or recipe development and the associated resource decisions.

Trade fairs are an important platform for WTH in order to intensify contacts with existing business partners and make new contacts. That's why WTH will be present at the industry's leading trade fair, K'2019, in Hall 8b Stand F46. In this year even with a small anniversary: it is in fact the 10th appearance in a row at this important plastics and rubber trade fair in Dusseldorf.

By the way, at WTH, we also attach great importance to staying up-to-date not only technically, but also professionally and intellectually. The employees of WTH attend regular training events of various kinds.