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06 Nov

Plastic fair K2019 in Dusseldorf

Communication and networking

(mud) – At trade fairs people meet. Here, communication and networking takes place like no other business anywhere. This was also the case at the K2019 in Düsseldorf, where WTH GmbH and its employees were also involved. Some were for the first time at this important plastics fair in the North Rhine-Westphalian state capital. Others have been there before. It is obligatory for WTH Managing Director Walter Thieme every three years: "It was our 10th 'K' this year

Of course, visiting the fair, its preparation and follow-up as well as the final evaluations are time-consuming, exhausting and occasionally cost one or the other nerve. But on return, the "exhibition riders" always have a certain expression of satisfaction on their faces. This is also the case with the WTH employees, and some should speak here.

"Now I finally know," says Joao Monteiro with a grin, "what I actually sell here." He is a trainee as well as Jannick Wilhelmi. Both were for the first time on the "K" in Dusseldorf. Together, they had a task to fulfill there, where they could experience on-site, what happens with the products, with which they handle paper rather than practical in Stade.

"Information determines the production offer," says Cutian Wulf-Jusuf. The economics graduate has collected on the "K" of "all sides information" for her market screening. She spoke with suppliers and customers in Düsseldorf and evaluated product information.

Great pleasure with Eleonore Nitschke. The graduate engineer was particularly pleased with customers from the Rhineland who visited her at the exhibition stand to exchange ideas about projects and projects for the future.

"I would have to drive a long time to meet the people with whom I could talk in Dusseldorf," said Dieter Holst, responsible for sales and consulting, satisfied. "At 'K', my world really meets - with an emphasis on 'my'-", he says, "because I get information here that I would otherwise find difficult or impossible to reach."

For Dr. Silke-Nicola Trzaska always focuses on finding new suppliers at the "K". Networking is also important to the Head of Sales and Application Technology: "We have learned a lot about new products and approaches for the future." There were also insightful discussions over coffee or in the hallways.

Many talks with suppliers, customers and visitors also led authorized representative Gero Thieme. For him, it has once again shown in Düsseldorf how right his course was in the direction of digitization for WTH: "The proper recording and maintenance of data and information only make it possible to gain insights at the K'2019. That is the prerequisite for a promising follow-up business. I have no reservations about this in the future. "

WTH Managing Director Walter Thieme was pleased with the booth design and the positive response from the visitors. For the first time, the new WTH image brochure was presented in Düsseldorf.

The fair in numbers: At K 2019, 3,333 exhibitors had a total of almost 177,000 square meters of net space, which means that the Düsseldorf exhibition center is completely occupied. According to the preliminary announcement, the organizing Messe Düsseldorf GmbH had around 225,000 admissions, which is around 7,000 fewer than last.

Despite the smaller attendance, the fair contained surprises that give the courage: Above all, that the visit was so international - with about 166,000 entries, the foreign interest of 2016 confirmed. The fair was a total of courage in confusing times, says Thieme: "So K'2019 is the most international plastics trade fair so far. "