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06 Nov

Change in the WTH executive chair in sight

Successor good at the subject

Walter Thieme can look to the future with confidence. The successor to the boss has been clarified at WTH: Gero Thieme will take over as soon as the senior boss retires. Photo: Dreyling

(mud) - Changing the executive chair is often not easy. WTH managing director Walter Thieme does not have the problem that other previous owners have: he already has his future successor with his son. He is competent and has already been fully integrated into the operational management.

Gero Thieme has been with the company for years and is ready to take on more and more responsibility. Things looked very different for almost seven thousand German entrepreneurs looking for successors. For half of these bosses, according to the "Report on Corporate Succession 2019" by the DIHT, not even a successor was in sight during the deliberations.

Walter Thieme, on the other hand, can already lean back and relax, because his successor has long since learned a lot and is ready to take over: "My house is in order when I quit".

Gero Thieme has wanted to sit on the company's executive chair for a long time. He was interested in economic issues early on. Nor did he take long when his father invited him on international business trips. Accompanied by his father, he not only got to know foreign countries overseas, but also the customers and business partners of the internationally oriented company from Stade.

And the junior boss quickly and sustainably made a name for himself in the company under the umbrella term “digitization”. A large part of the company's orientation towards the digital future is due to him. - He reveals how Gero Thieme sees his successor in a detailed interview that will appear here shortly.