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09 Jun

WTH in audiovisual communication on the front line

Limitless in Real Time

"Our conference system is optimally coordinated with our meeting room for meetings with up to twelve participants". WTH now meets limitless contacts all over the world in real time. Photo WTH

(mud) –  Video conferences, the “direct business and customer conversations at a distance”, have been intensified by the corona pandemic. They should prove to be big sellers in the future. They allow literally unlimited contact to interlocutors around the globe from your own location. Companies are saved costs and the screen encounters are likely to be very beneficial for the environment. The Stade-based company WTH is known for its digital management. Company founder Walter Thieme: "It was clear to us early on that we would introduce video conferencing in an optimized way for us."

“Digital foresight” is just a few doors down from Walter Thieme: his son and successor Gero Thieme is considered the successful architect of all digital endeavors in this long-distance trading company. Under his leadership, the digitization steps 1.0 (digitization of merchandise management, ERP and CRM), 2.0 (document management and internet-based communication with customs and authorities) were implemented. Now the "3.0 Internet-based audiovisual communication with business partners" has also been shouldered.

Always emphatically encouraged by Walter Thieme, Gero Thieme was able to exhaust all possibilities to optimally position the company digitally for future management. With the latest step, the screen conferencing, WTH not only saves travel costs. The company uses it to optimize far-reaching operational measures. Not only image-promoting campaigns are accelerated. International sales negotiations can also be organized in real time from Stade.  

Senior Thieme puts it in a nutshell: “For us, it's about functionality, about reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Audiovisual meetings hardly differ in content from face-to-face meetings. Documents can also be presented, exchanged and discussed there. In a video conference, several people sit in a conference room instead of each one at a workstation and exchange images and sound in real time and with external participants ”.

 "In a video conference system, the components are coordinated so that on the one hand the camera captures the overall situation with high quality and transmits the microphone / loudspeaker accordingly without background noise," explains Gero Thieme and continues: "Ours is optimally open our meeting room for get-togethers with up to twelve participants and add-ons. It works like well-known 'talk shows', for example: German TV-Talker"Anne Will" or "Maybritt Illner". They can also switch on external guests ”. Walter Thieme adds with a smile: "Unfortunately, it doesn't work out (yet) with joint virtual business meals ..."  

Father and son Thieme particularly emphasize the advantages: “We see a wide range of opportunities for flexible intensification of personal business contacts for our business model - without costly trips and their planning. Only if physical things such as samples or prototypes have to be presented, they are sent in advance. The general rule is: Audiovisual conferences should not completely replace personal meetings, but should provide tangible support ... "