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31 Aug

WTH is passionate about continuing education

Knowledge is Success

Continuous accumulation of knowledge belongs at WTH to the principles of operational management. The management is always looking for and finding ways to do this. Employees can submit their own contributions to workshops or internal issues in a feedback mailbox. Photo: WTH

(mud) –  The most important asset of a successful company is the employees. Investing in them is always the best investment for the future. For Walter Thieme as WTH-founder it was clear from the beginning that training, education and training would be an everlasting task in his company. Initially "lone wolf" contributed own perpetual learning addition to business success. The more employees were added, the more ideas the company boss has made to their education and training.

The most important principle in all considerations was: Anyone who wants to increase their knowledge and skills for their work in the company must not have any costs or disadvantages. "Of course, WTH has always taken over all costs for all measures and provided for the exemption to participate and will continue to do so", Walter Thieme summarizes the rules.

In all ‘of these efforts, the focus was always on learning“ from practice for practice ”. For the company, it was not just about taking into account the classic topics for everyday practice such as the annual refreshment of knowledge for the correct handling of hazardous substances. The WTH training concept was and is more complex.

Above all, participation in the training courses, seminars and lectures offered is mostly voluntary. Obligatory, on the other hand, are those projects in which, for example, new processes in the company's IT equipment are conveyed by in-house staff. This can also involve training in newly provided tools. Anyone who is interested in special offers comes in open doors to management - including the assumption of costs.

The further training efforts at WTH are also multifaceted. Around four to six measures a year are mandatory. Then there are also those that arise from everyday operational life. They take place as face-to-face seminars in the form of specialist lectures or training courses. In times of Covid-19, webinar formats are also increasingly chosen and meetings (internal with and without external participation) also take place online, for example as TEAMS meetings.

Visits to trade fairs “in normal times”, for example, are not only instructive through dealing with customers. There are also lectures for the employees - and occasionally there is literally "fire and flames". Thieme: "We provided an impressive practical introduction to flame protection with experts."

Technical seminars are in demand. Wishes are sometimes expressed there. Sales employees sometimes see a certain “moral obligation” in participating, because there are not only specialist lectures there, but also contacts can be maintained and new ones made. Thieme: "experienced business people” almost see it as a kind of family get-together".

Are there certain “hits” among the WTH workforce when it comes to further training? Walter Thieme ponders for a moment: “I could imagine that these are seminars that apparently not only promise added value for the company, but also in which a certain personal benefit is seen individually. Our in-house training / workshops are definitely one of them. "

The training efforts will certainly not change if Walter Thieme hands over the management of the company to his son Gero Thieme at the end of August.