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Pictures of the Head Change

on September 23, 2021

“What would a company be without its qualified employees?” Walter Thieme asked this in his speech on board - and immediately asked all employees to come to the lectern. He is very happy that he has always been able to rely on his team. The departing boss presented his employees with a "team sculpture" that is supposed to remind them of the good spirit in the company every day. - All photos: Beatrix Krone, Schattke - All image texts: mud

Not only corona conditions, but also general on-board safety was guaranteed on the journey with the MS Greundiek: cured, vaccinated or tested. From a nautical point of view, Captain Hannes Feindt was responsible for guest safety with life jackets, and he and his crew also played a key role in the success of the celebration.

A series of bronze sculptures by Kerstin Stark and various plaques brought Walter Thieme on board with whom he considered both employees, guide and related parties. The group in the background of the plaque symbolizes teamwork. Thieme values such symbolic gifts very much.

The departing head of the company presented a weighty token of his thanks: the handshake stands for solidarity, for agreement in trade, but also for solidarity and collegiality. It is in the foreground of the plaque that Walter Thieme presented for years of good cooperation. 

In his speech on the handover of the WTH baton, Walter Thieme revealed a personal "secret" to the more than sixty guests: His wife Annemarie (right next to him) gave the last impetus to found WTH GmbH many years ago. When he was thinking about his employee life again, she said: "Then go ahead and become self-employed!" He did it - and it became a success story.

One last time as management since ‘to: WTH company founder Walter Thieme (left) handed over management responsibility to his son Gero Thieme on the last day in August. The new WTH managing director has worked as an authorized signatory in the company for years. It is recognized that he has already made a special name for himself with the digital realignment of the company.

The "baton" at WTH is literally an elephant and for good reason: The animal embodies like no other the attributes that the company founder wishes his successor in the management to achieve: stability, trunk "to be able to stick his nose in everywhere", big ears to hear everything, teeth to bite through, a thick skin to hold out and a broad hump to be able to bear all the responsibility. The artistically designed elephant that Gero Thieme is holding in his hands here will always remind the new company boss.

Where the cargo was previously stowed on the MS Greundiek, Walter Thieme handed over management to his son Gero on the last day in August. In addition to Thiemes' companions, employees, business friends, customers, banks, friends and family members also took part. More than sixty participants experienced a “sea voyage” lasting several hours in bright sunshine and a steel-blue sky.

Congratulations to the new WTH managing director: The key account manager Uwe Paulsen from Dadco SA (left) congratulates with a good bottle of champagne.

Even on board a museum ship, after speeches and after visiting visits in the fresh air in all parts of the ship, hunger will appear at some point. That was Martina Elfers' hour. Her company, Partyservice Ludlage, brought out everything you could wish for on board.

The mood of the WTH guests matched the weather: both were brilliant. The ship and the region literally showed themselves from their most beautiful, sunny side and made this ship tour a special event for everyone - these three, Claudia Janentzky, Heiko Krams and Thomas Leppin (from left) relaxed on the outside deck. 

The participants also found “cozy corners” below deck on the MS Greundiek - Detlev Uthemann, Werner and Manuela Maack (from left) met here for a chat. It is not boring on board such a traditional motor ship.

Back in the port of the City of Stade. The more than sixty guests were on board for around five hours. You have seen first hand how a successful biography is harmoniously completed and the future has already begun seamlessly. Walter Thieme will certainly remember this “last trip as head of the company” for a long time. And Gero Thieme will probably never forget this  shiptour, from which he returned as the new managing director. He looks confidently to the future: "I think that my father has prepared me well for my upcoming tasks in the past few years".