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03 Sep

Editorial by Walter Thieme: Little mistakes

Sometimes it pays to look closely - or to have someone else to do so. Only the critical eye of a banker it is thanks to him that our business account has not been debited by the sum of around EUR 40,000.

It is quite common that the Bank of an international company like WTH GmbH "payment orders" will be presented. So in our case. As a recipient of the total of approx. EUR 40,000 a purported company was registered in Asia.

The senders dishonest project would have succeeded if the investigating bankers would not become suspicious. The were namely some details noticed that made him pick up the phone to check with me. Thus this person has saved me thanks to his prudent conduct some inconvenience. He thankfully does not belong the "every-line-completed-should-be-okay-group" to.

The payment order was not executed of course. What does this teach us? Firstly, attention is paying off. Secondly, you should always check transaction papers extremely carefully. We are aware of the drill by other cases which are hidden offers becoming an expensive trap for largely useless messages in any data-bases.

Sender speculate that their bills "pass" unnoticed. In very large companies that might possibly happen faster times because there are handled centrally from any of many departments. One can such 'success' never be completely prevented. However, with us such has not happened yet, because we take our incoming bills always particularly critical eye.

Best regards

Walter Thieme