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23 Jun

Editorial by Walter Thieme: Lonesome Conversations?

Grandma’s who sometimes softly muttering to herself while walking around, is completely normal. Everyone knows that, being in lucky situation, maintaining regular contact with older persons. Incidentally, it is also not outrageous when people take time "talking to himself". Experts see soliloquy rather than an "useful tool for thinking", which we should use more often. However, it seems now a modern version of "monologue" to give at fairs, railway stations or in super markets.

It's been a while since I was in an exhibition hall on the go. In front of me walked a man in fine business dress. In his left hand he carried a briefcase under his right arm a pile of brochures. What I noticed about him all the time in which he was walking ahead of myself, he was loudly talking to himself.

I heard all kinds of his direct business cases, of his future plans, and the last golf match. Only when he suddenly said “bye bye” and then fell silent, I realized that he was on the phone with a colleague or co-worker - with bottoms in ears.

Then the earlier times of public telephones come to my mind: Back then, everyone used one hand to close the door and held the other over the mouthpiece, so that those "out there" merely could not follow the conversation. Also "Make it Short!" was still considered a brazen principle.

And today? - Some do not even hesitate, to tell its interlocutors and for all to hear in detail, that they have recently cheated the tax office when preparing tax declaration. Whether that must necessarily be in the train, where perhaps a tax collector sits next door?

The phone behavior has changed, the barriers have fallen. For sure. But now everyone can hear everything, and sometimes have to, against his will, which is occasionally around it for the people neither amusing nor relaxing ...

Best Regards

Walter Thieme