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16 Nov

Why counting certain victims?

Apparently on all TV channels bad news multiply daily: Reports about wars and disasters, attacks and car accidents are detailed and comprehensive. Deaths and injuries are meticulously counted. Around the globe, there seems to be no peace. Everywhere extremists make to work, fighting nations against each other - and often even nature participates in addition by of earthquakes, floods, fires and storms.

One wants to not get used to the horror. But as soon as we turn on the telly, it is also already happening. Previously, we had to wait for the next thriller - today each news guarantees, absolutely every newscast limitless "murder" in abundance.

If that seems tob e not bad enough: One can get in addition also angry about how this disaster reports are presented. Of course it is understandable that ascends an event with many victims in the messages ranking to the top and to be "lurid" presented.

But why must any terrible plane crash somewhere at the end of the world or an attack - no matter where - at least after the first few sentences always this phrase will come at: "Among those killed or injured were also so many Germans"? Perhaps there are hundreds of people around or come to harm, but will make the exact number of the Germans concerned such message only interesting for us?

Certainly no one is entirely free from having not listened at a reported accident because no Germans were among the victims. But is such misfortune therefore less bad? Whenever people perish, we should be affected - whether counting the Germans concerned must necessarily belong to?


Best Regards

Walter Thieme