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15 Nov

Taking Distance

We are occasionally used by sportjournalists to let their hearts be spotted for their favorites. This is particularly striking in the case of transmissions from the box ring and also in high-ranking football matches. But in the reporting of the political journalists in newspapers, radio and television, the strict separation of news and opinion applies. Social media and blogs are blurring.

Good comments are written or spoken by journalists and can help to better understanding of corresponding subjects. Serious commenting is therefore highly welcome. But looking at the latest election campaign in the United States, we could have the impression that the borderline between reporting and commenting had been shaken.

Anyone who opened in Europe any newspaper in the morning, listened to radio or watched TV could believe that the elections in the country of unlimited possibilities might had been already decided in a particular direction. The fact that it was quite different in the end, probably nobody expected.

Actually, journalists are free to Karl Kraus always as those "who have always known everything before". But this time something has gone wrong. The result did not coincide with the previous assumption. Too often, even in the case of fashion rations and even in local journalism, it is noticeable that opinion and news sometimes come along in the same way.

Perhaps we should remember more frequently the news moderator of the German TV-news „Tagesthemen“ Hanns Joachim Friedrichs, who died in 1995. He gave shortly before his death an interview to the German news magazine „Der Spiegel“: "I've learned in London during in my five years working at BBC: to keep distance, not to get along with a thing, not even with a good, not joining in public concerns, remain cool when dealing with catastrophes without being cold. This is the only way you can make the viewers trust you, make you becoming a family member, turn you on and listen to you every night. "


Best Regards

Walter Thieme