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21 Jul

Diversity of Languages

We experience day-to-day the role of language in everyday international business. After all, because of our size and structure, our 14 employees are in daily contact with customers and suppliers - both at home and abroad. Only German as a lingua franca would it not be enough.

In most cases we use in conversations as in correspondence of the English language. But when it comes to contacts in the direction of Poland, then the exchange will take both written and oral in Polish.

Whatever may sound complicated for the uninitiated, is in practice for WTH easily: English is next to German almost "official language". And for the Polish, we are also well prepared. After all, we are dealing with three Polish native speakers, who always bring us safely through the workplace.

But the WTH internationality has not yet come to an end: we have an intercultural competence that we are proud of in our workforce. We can also speak with two other native speakers: A colleague speaks Indonesian and a trainee comes from Portugal. We speak German without exception - and understand each other splendidly.

All major supply and purchase documents and our product documentation Thanks to the software and in conjunction with ordinary master data maintenance, depending on the addressee German, English or Polish edited, with our internal documents are always archived in German.

Best Regards

Walter Thieme