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10 Apr

Digitalization - a blessing?

(mud) - In politics, unloved behavior is often justified by "practical constraints". This also applies to digitization with a view to the dynamically changing world. Despite this realization, implementation is often sluggish. In many places, efforts in this regard occasionally fall on deaf ears. Or they were operated poorly. Sometimes the big picture out of sight is lost in the meticulous control of individual aspects.

Only the financial administration in this country successfully developed a virtually complete digital network for its 'taxpayers', as far as they are based in Germany: Without the personal identification number money transactions are hardly possible. In the commercial sector, the digitization of processes is already perceived as having no alternative. Many companies have already progressed so far in their internal digitization, so that a failure of the IT architecture would make them completely incapacitated.

In fact, sophisticated digitized structures increase productivity. At the same time, they reduce error rates and unit costs. For example, commercial shipping now operates digitally controlled over the oceans. Of course, the nautical officers have the appropriate nautical knowledge. But today they no longer use sextants and do not put the course on any nautical chart anymore. I think that even with "autonomous driving" on the roads and highways the driving license is not superfluous. Ultimately, these are further developments of the assistance systems already existing in modern vehicles, which increase traffic safety.

The fact that digitization has an immediate impact on jobs can be seen in the banks. The triumph of "Online Banking" and state regulation both in the private and business customers require adjustments to business processes in the banks. I am convinced that digitization will also change the job market. Established professions as well as IT professions will experience new characteristics.

When dealing with customers and business partners, service aspects will become increasingly important. To do this, different requirements will have to be handled digitally, personally and professionally, perhaps quite differently. Digitization can only be successful if it is accepted and its benefits are seen by and for all concerned.

At WTH, too, we have accelerated many processes with the help of digitization, thus giving the employees the freedom to do other tasks that were previously too short due to lack of time or that have not yet been completed. - Our digital future we launched on time and trust that we will always remain able to fulfill their requirements.

With Best Regards

Walter Thieme
WTH Managing Director