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28 May

Star Trek'…

Some visitors or interlocutors from the company can now no longer sit in front of our desks - if they want to be seen. Where up to now the face-to-face view was taken for granted, IT now blocks us from seeing each other. Not that that would be bad. But we have to move the chairs if we want to look more or less deeply in the eyes. The reason: hardware retrofitting.

The trend has been going on for at least the second screen for some time. And on top of that, they get bigger. This proves to be useful if one text is supposed to be created while at the same time an extensive database should run on the other screen. Well, then when the mouse can jump easily from screen to screen - this speeds up the texts and deepens the information value, because all data can be viewed simultaneously with the text. So: everything is great! Only downside: see above.

Of course, such a hardware upgrade initially causes problems: There are the younger employees in the workforce who can deal with change more quickly, but also the older ones, who sometimes need a little more time. But, so that I do no injustice: It can go the other way too!

Everyone has to come along, whatever hardware or software demands of us. And they come too, some sooner, others later. No one is left behind - we'll take care of that. We have made sure that everything works together and  that everyone is moving in the same direction.

A few final thoughts on the double screens: On the one hand requires due to the digitization of office work no longer the usual big desk formats (because less paper, files, etc.), on the other hand need the flatscreens much space on the desks ... - unless you will become stockbrokers, who are known to need the table only for keyboard and mouse, otherwise have many screens. - It feels a bit like the 'Star Trek' ...

With Best Regards

Walter Thieme
WTH Managing Director