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22 Aug

Twice it goes wrong ...

"Better safe than sorry", the regularly and gladly repeated by the vernacular formula applies in normal everyday life, perhaps more often. But in the digital age, doing business twice as well does not increase quality. On the contrary, double acts usually go awry ...

This refers to electronic invoicing: Many companies have set up special electronic mailboxes with correspondingly agreed rules for digital document control so that they can be processed quickly and efficiently. The electronic invoicing is not only fast and cost-effective but also conserves resources. Therefore, the method also finds more and more acceptance.

Somewhat complicated it is, however, if such documents electronically and conventionally parallel without special agreement between the parties - are sent - so twice. The problem arises especially when documents are digitally archived. So it can easily happen that the same documents are processed several times until sometime later this error is discovered.

It can be quite complicated when, for example, commercial invoices are sent to employees' personal mailboxes. As long as everyone is 'on board' this is usually not a problem, but during off-hours (holidays, illness) personal mailboxes can quickly become a temporary documentary tomb.

In order for this not to happen, appropriate rules should be agreed and respected between the business partners when sending electronic documents, so that the benefits of digitization can be undisturbed. Conclusion: always send documents only once!

With Best Regards

Walter Thieme
WTH Managing Director