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01 May

Bad luck and mishaps ...

The society has changed permanently. With increased prosperity, time and environmental awareness at the same time allows the acceptance of social ideas. "People's parties" now seem to have had their day in favor of "clientele or theme parties". These occupy a central topic and from their point of view less essential facts - but rather half-hearted. Like we see in working life, where specialists seem to be more in demand than, rounders with the view of the whole '.

One may regret or welcome such changes. But the lengthy implementation processes of public projects such as transport infrastructure or other projects often get caught up in various individual or association interests. The community seems to have no voice more. It goes almost without saying that neither cost, time nor dimension planning can be appropriate in such framework conditions.

Just think of the major airport in Berlin-Brandenburg (BER), which is built from 2006 and should start operating in 2011 or 2012th The BER for 35Mio passengers is still not operational: Commissioning is now scheduled for October 2020. Experts already know today that he will already be too small. Sure, the comparison lags behind, but in Beijing, China, a three-times larger airport is being built for 100 million passengers and four million tons of cargo in just five years!

Another example is the 1926 built "Friesenbrücke" over the Ems River at Weener: In 2015, the far and wide only bridge crossing the Ems river for rail and road traffic was rammed by a freighter and completely destroyed. It was only at the end of 2016 that the repair or new building was estimated at 30 million euros (planned reopening in 2021).

Then one discusses the construction of a larger bridge system (additional costs 10 to 15 million euros). Because the bridge would have been dimensioned differently at the same place, a planning approval procedure is mandatory before construction (planning) begins. That would take at least three years. There is currently no decision for one solution or another - and people and trade in the region are just waiting.

This 'complaint list' could be applied to any level. Even on a small scale, the taxpayers are expected to have to wait months for building permits despite generally lamented housing shortages - cost increases for construction work are, of course, at the expense of the client.

One can only hope that after failures, bad luck and mishaps pragmatism and common sense will prevail again.

With Best Regards

Walter Thieme
WTH Managing Director