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06 Oct

Thawed outsider

Who did not want "eternal life"? - There are people who want to come close by freezing themselves after their death in the hope that their body will be revived later. A scientific form of reincarnation that is known to be part of many religions, but interpreted in a completely different way. However, the question remains open as to how the frozen people want to live and survive with their knowledge and experiences from the 20th and 21st century in the 'new time'.

One Earth year remains unchanged 365 days. Sometimes you get the feeling that everything seems to go faster and faster. Contributing to this are "shifts" that we often see on the menus: grapes, strawberries, cherries and so much more seems to be available throughout the year. Once the fruit is harvested quasi "around the corner" or they come as "Flight fruit" from the other end the world by air lifted.

Today we bridge fast and more or less comfortable big distances. A passenger aircraft flew in the 1960s on average 600km / h, today they fly 1000km / h. In China, high-speed trains with travel speeds of up to 500km / h are expected to operate soon, almost twice as fast as today's CRH trains. China's engineers are even working on the development of maglev trains that are even faster than airplanes at more than 1,000km / h.

By the way, man's average running speed has been around 5km/h since the beginning of mankind, and is even about the same everywhere around the world, as we walk in the same way all over the world. On closer view, however, it is noticeable that the factors time and knowledge develop differently.

While time is and always will be a constant, knowledge increases rapidly. Fifty years ago, it took around 35 years to double the knowledge available in the world, that is, that learned in school or university. Today there are just seven years left. This makes it clear that the term 'lifelong learning' probably never had more importance than it does today. In our modern society, participation and constant learning are of existential importance.

So we can enjoy a good and fulfilling life. Hopefully it will never happen that thawed and resurrected "contemporaries" populate our earth. But the "break the ice" would probably make the thawed by the naturally formed knowledge deficits helpless outsiders. 

With Best Regards

Walter Thieme
WTH Managing Director