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18 May

New Wine in Old Wineskins?

If you wanted to get something positive out of the corona times, then this is probably what it means: digitization gets another boost. And the will to further education in this way seems to be also larger. The noticeably growing desire to set up home offices may certainly make sense for many companies. However, this should not apply to everyone.

The offer of “webinars” for all conceivable problems now seem to be popping up like mushrooms. Their form alone is new; the content may not always be so. The webinars take place "live", ie online. All participants (women and men) can direct their questions to the speakers via a chat function.

If you take a closer look at the positions of the "webinar content", they hardly differ from previous "seminars", in which insights into leadership issues and more were conveyed equally. In the past, this was so that participants visited the educational institution personally - and asked their questions directly. So today goes comfortably on the screen.

We all know the key words in the sequence program of the “role of the manager in the crisis”, the “meaning of leadership in the crisis” or “typical communication deficiencies in crises”. “Question techniques” and references to “adaptation and design of the processes” are then offered. The whole thing is of course placed in direct connection with the corona crisis and its requirements. An essen-tial topic: "Leading from the home office".

It remains to be seen whether the “webinar” with screen participation and chat request as a new form is forward-looking in itself and whether it may go beyond the status of “old wine in new wineskins”. But if you look at the whole package, the best thing to do is to refresh the contents if you have chic packaging.

I wish for a lucky hand choosing the right training.

With Best Regards

Walter Thieme
WTH Managing Director