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A corporate philosophy does not necessarily have to be expressed in words. It can also be portrayed in images. Ingo Wagner, an artist from Stade, has created a picture at the request of WTH GmbH that conveys a basic message of upholding tradition, focused vision, an international and modern outlook, global commitment while still home at heart, and special arrangements marked by high standards as the normal course of events.

The picture highlights water, the coastline and the thousand-year-old harbour of the charming and vibrant City of Stade, a former Swedish Fortress and member of the Hanseatic League. Trade is documented by typical, local facilities such as the crane, the customs office and the public scale. The tower of the Cosmae Church stands as a symbol of Christian values. A heavily laden ship underway with full sails rounds off the "home at heart" motive.

The dominate red and white lighthouse on the right, the nautical chart in the background and the mighty compass in the left corner symbolise direction and "global commitment" to trade, which the Stade-based company pursues around the world.