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Distributor/agent for raw materials for: plastics industry, rubber industry, adhesives and sealant industry and coating industry and related industry except pharmaceutical and cosmetics (life science) industry

Our Quality Management System is certified according to EN ISO 9001. In particular we are supplying additives and raw-materials in need of explanations (except intermediates and basic materials) on exclusive basis and in close co-operation with our principals.

Our Product-List at a glance


  • fire retardants and smoke suppressants
  • baryt-fillers, talc, coloured filler/chips
  • modifiers, processing aids, dispersion aids, impact modifiers
  • plasticizers (both monomeric and polymeric types)
  • additives - chemical blowing agents and blowing agent compounds
  • additives - light stabilisers, antioxidants and optical brighteners
  • additives - waxes, lubricants, slip- and antiblock additives - dyes and pigments



  • chlorinated polyethylene (PE-C)


Our Customers:

  • are polymer-makers, plastic/rubber-converters and compounders , lacquer- and paint producers and adhesives and sealant-industry including related industry .


Our Sales Territory:

  • Germany and E.U.