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Red Phosphorous

Red phosphorous for easy handling, good plant hygiene, health and safety. These are not flamable products and as safe as the host polymer. Halogen free flame retardant for plastics and rubbers (i.e. polyolefines, nylon, PBT, epoxies etc.), in particular for glass fiber reinforced nylons.

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Dr. Silke-Nicola Trzaska    


Masteret 10170_PDB_EN.pdf Masteret 63460 B2XF_PDB_EN.pdf
Masteret 10460 B2XF_PDB_EN.pdf Masteret 70450_PDB_EN.pdf
Masteret 15460 B2XF_PDB_EN.pdf Masteret 80450_PDB_EN.pdf
Masteret 20450 B2XF_PDB_EN.pdf  
Masteret 40460 B2XF_PDB_EN.pdf  


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