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White Propriety Phosphorous Based Powder

New, phosphorous based halogen free flame retardand for plastics. The product is of easy handling, good plant hygiene, health and safety.
Flame retardant additive for plastics, in particuler for polycarbonates (also glass fiber reinforced) and polymer alloys such as PC/ABS.


This flame retardant additive provides a halogen free very effective solution for flame proofing PC and PC/ABS with or without reinforcements.

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Phoslite B630C_PDB_EN.pdf
Phoslite B631C_PDB_EN.pdf
Phoslite B64AM_PDB_EN.pdf
Phoslite B712A_PDB_EN.pdf
Phoslite B844A_PDB_EN.pdf
Phoslite B85AX_PDB_EN.pdf
Phoslite B85CX_PDB_EN.pdf
Phoslite MB 9645_PDB_EN.pdf


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