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WTH GmbH in Stade is 25 years old (03)

Seven Years Ffter Founding Presence on the Internet
Mouse Surfing

(mud) – With telephone, fax and the then traditional postal services, Walter Thieme started his company 25 years ago. However, seven years after the founding of the company, the communication world changed. Even if Thieme did not feel it as a "revolution", he wanted to be at least in 1999: on the Internet. "At the time, however, I still missed the fantasy," he remembers smiling, "to see more than just a large address book on the Internet."

However, Walter Thieme soon realized that the Internet could become a key to the future of his company. At the time, however, it was first of all necessary to clarify whether the company should only be a "business card" through the network of networks - or, if possible, a solid Internet presence.

For this purpose, the Internet-interested company manager had to familiarize himself with completely new terminology, which until then hardly anyone knew: Web design, domain or access times were only a few of them. "We started our first Internet presence with a local advertising company," Thieme describes the beginnings. Their "web designers" were at the beginning still highly committed autodidacts: "But they have brought WTH into the WorldWideWeb." At that time, as today, the company is still there unchanged at

Like others in the economy, the company in Stade quickly recognized the opportunities offered by entering the Internet. Suddenly, WTH was not just across borders.
Now, by means of e-mail, business contacts can also be initiated, nurtured and deepened in real-time. Thieme: "In addition, we were suddenly able to" surf the mouse "- our ancestors had only shook their heads with this remark."

"It was not always clear to me who could search for WTH on the Internet and how to find the WTH? But it was 'modern' with its own homepage on the Internet to be represented, "Thieme says in hindsight.

Today he sees the great strength of the Internet with all the information possibilities. In the course of time, WTH has optimized the basic layout of its own website three times and has adapted it continuously by 'facelifts'. In addition, more and more information was made available to the public on products and applications.
The WTH magazine became WTH blog a few months ago. The content also changed from general topics to a stronger focus on WTH and its activities.

"Our 'youngest child' on the Internet is a highly specialized product homepage on optical brighteners ( on which a lot of special material and technical information is provided," says Walter Thieme. There, all important aspects and questions concerning the selection and use of optical brighteners in polymer processing are summarized.
If the entrepreneur of Stader is a resume of the Internet, this should be as follows: "At the beginning I was very reserved with information, which has changed fundamentally in the past years: Now one must be careful that one keeps in the information flow the orientation and in the Not unkritical to any message blindly trusted. On the other hand, we want to be taken seriously as a company and with our information. Facebook & Co. do not have so much importance for us. "