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Shown at its Best:

Image Brochure about WTH

(mud) – For him, understatement is one of the basic business virtues. Nevertheless, Walter Thieme has now decided to present his WTH GmbH in detail from their best sides. In the just-completed image brochure, the reader learns a great deal about the history, principles and philosophy of the Stade-based company.

Even the title with its buoyant lifebuoy clearly shows what WTH customers expect: competence, advice, experience, performance, safety and quality and environmental awareness.

Step by step, Walter Thieme set up the company. It all started in 1992 in the nursery of his older son. And how it went then, the brochure tells detailed and impressive in words and pictures.

A timeline runs through the pages and marks the individual cornerstones of this family business, which already has the generational change in focus today. Gero Thieme, the younger son of the company founder, has set up the company cleverly and far-sightedly digitally for the future.

The image brochure not only presents the story. It also shows all employees in the picture. In addition, she also reveals a lot of figures from everyday operations. So the reader not only learns how many Euros are being spent in the Stader operation, but also how many product quantities WTH is converting: 2.6 containers per day (20 tonnes each).

Graphics and pictures complement the texts so that those interested can literally get a picture of the company in the mainly light blue brochure.

And when you scroll through the texts, it quickly becomes clear that Walter Thieme's principle of 1992 is still valid today: "Exploring the world with one's heart at home - and always operating flexibly around the globe".