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WTH GmbH in Stade is 25 years old (04)

WTH Regularly Trains Young People:

"Juniors" are Welcome at WTH

(mud) – Since 2008, the WTH GmbH trains young people to become wholesale and foreign trade merchants in Stade. This is a personal concern of the company boss Walter Thieme. He emphasized in his review of the 25-year-long history. That the current seven apprentices in most impressed with shiny statements pleased him most. Thieme: "Currently Klaudia Sawicka (pictured) finished the final exam with a total score of "2 = good".

Klaudia Sawicka was born in Poland. It was only eight years ago that she came to Germany. From the 8th grade of the "Realschule", she began to learn the German language. Soon she realized that she wanted to learn a commercial profession.

Starting on August 1, 2014 her training with WTH began. Her main concern at the beginning: "It was important that I as an apprentice would not be primarily responsible for tasks such as making coffee." About this concern can only smile today. Because she was able to get into the workflow quite quickly. In the first time, she was still a bit afraid of calls, in which dialects were spoken. But she also found her way quickly.

Now, Klaudia Sawicka became a WTH employee. In her review of the three-year apprenticeship she says that everything had developed in their favor. If she were once again faced with the decision, she would do the same thing again. To speak Polish, which also has advantages for her. For the WTH engagement in Poland, it is always helpful to have a native speaker support.

Walter Thieme has always a principle of importance to the former trainee: He attaches great importance to the fact that his trainees are integrated as early as possible into the processes of the company: "The trainees work from the very beginning in the sales administration. Due to our size and structure, this includes contact with customers as well as with suppliers at home and abroad, costing, logistics, storage disposition, product documentation, import / export documentation and specific product and application knowledge depending on the specific area.

Initially perhaps many will fell becoming "dizzy" ( "I never learn ...") but after six or twelve months, the structures become clearer and more understandable along with understanding the "big picture" and the sense of products and business will be understood. Also more and more fun while working on.

"Internationality is especially worth mentioning," says Thieme. "This requires a certain intercultural competence and tolerance. We are often in a "sandwich position" between the interests of our suppliers (manufacturers) and the customers, namely to make money on the one hand and to satisfy customers and suppliers on the other hand. Often, this leads to a feeling of sliding between tree and bark ". But that also makes the work at WTH very varied and exciting ...

The training lasts usually three years. The product-specific focus of the comprehensive training depends on the business objects of the training company. Wholesale and foreign trade merchants are available in almost all commercial sectors. They may deal with metals, chemicals, diamonds, gasoline, peat, seeds but also industrial equipments such as machinery or have to the business object. Thus the company simply determines the 'specialization'.

Members of the profession can also sales or sales supportive be used depending on the personality and skills in both management as well. In this respect the specialization will take place only after the training, when his real, it has become clear passions (accounting or sales) and what the company can offer.

Walter Thieme: "By the way, our next trainee is coming soon, whose mother tongue is Portuguese."