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WTH responds to REACH

(red) - In the European Union (EU), the last stage of the fundamentally changed and modernized common chemicals legislation (REACH) entered into force since June 1, 2018th - WTH reacted immediately in the interests of its customers.

Now chemicals with a total of more than 1000 kg per year may no longer without a registration number that is allocated centrally by the European Chemicals Agency located in Helsinki, manufactured and / or imported from third countries. The result could be that in the future may be a number chemicals will no longer be available at current levels.

In close dialogue with its business partners, WTH clarified the REACH status of the delivered products in good time. In most cases, the chemicals have been registered by the respective manufacturers at home and abroad at ECHA.

In some cases, where the manufacturers could not decide, WTH has registered the products as a precaution even with the ECHA. WTH boss Walter Thieme: "We ensure that these products can still be purchased from our customers with us."