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E-Glass Woven Roving

E-glass woven roving 300 - 400 - 500 - 570 - 800 g/m²

E-glass woven roving is a glass fabric woven from direct roving formed from 2000-tip bushings. Woven roving is used primarily for FRP composites produced by hand lay-up and large molding presses.

CTG-Woven Roving

Woven rovings are made from E-glass direct roving for reinforcing unsaturated polyester resins.

Special product properties among others are:

• even thickness and flawless, low fuzz
• easy wet out and fast impregnating
• good performance and processability in moulded parts
• excellent mechanical strength during processing.


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CTG-EWR-Woven Roving_PDB_EN.pdf


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