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Spray-Up Roving

Spray-up Roving - SMC roving - Roving for chopping Panel  - Roving LFT

E-glass multi-end roving includes among others, SMC-rovin, gun-roving, panel roving etc. With specially designed sizing, it has excellent processability, suitable for spray-up, SMC and other processes.

CTG-Gun roving

Gun rovings for spray up moulding, compatible with unsaturated polyester resins (UP-resins). Special product properties among others are:

• silan sizing
• steady filament density, excellent filament endurable for abrading and low fuzz
• easy to chop and good strands distribution
• soluble and compatable with UP-resins and excellent processability of moulded parts
• endued good physical and chemical properties for final composit product.


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CTG-ERS Spritz-Roving_PDB_EN.pdf


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